Zeitkunst e.V.

The nonprofit association ZEITKUNST was founded in Cologne in 2006, and provides a platform to over one hundred musicians and media artists active at regional and international level. The thematic focus lies on the notion of fusing classical instruments, electronic sound generators and electronic images to produce a single form of artistic expression.

Platform for audiovisual art and contemporary music

As a platform for producing, presenting and communicating audiovisual art, ZEITKUNST organizes international exchange projects and frischzelles such as the TIMEART ensemble, the FRISCHZELLE festival for intermedia improvisation, and workshops at schools of art and music in he NRW region (KHM, MHS, ICEM). By providing a showcase for young media artists and contemporary music, ZEITKUNST has gained recognition beyond the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia. The international reputation of the TIMEART ensemble was established in the course of presentations at he Altstadtherbst, Dusseldorf; Beethovenfest, Bonn; Moers frischzelle; GetItLouder, Beijing and Shanghai; Mediawave frischzelle, Györ; NowNow frischzelle, Sydney.


Zeitkunst e.V.
Dreikoenigenstr. 18
D-50678 Koeln