University Siegen, Chair of Media History

Since 2006, Prof. Dr. Susanne Regener has held the Chair of Media History / Visual Culture of the Faculty of Philology, Comparative Literature and Media Studies at the University of Siegen. The Chair became a member of in 2007, and is particularly concerned with aspects of research and education in the field of media art and amateur media production.

Focal areas of teaching and research

The cultural-historically oriented teaching and research deals with phenomena and visual occurrences of the 19th to 21st centuries (e.g. the phenomenon of evil, the multicultural city, self-representations on the internet, digital youth culture, cults of the body, amateurs of film, photography and music). The courses offered aim to communicate academic skills enabling students to analyze media cultures.

Current focal research activities examine media-anthropological questions relating to the cultural participation of amateurs and lay persons and their dealings with art and professional productions. Worthy of special mention are the following research projects and student-teaching projects: Media Amateurs and Viewing Culture(s), as well as the MyCulture! mobile-phone film competition for youngsters in North-Rhine Westphalia. An additional research field is male homosexual subculture in the 20th and 21st centuries from the viewpoint of visual politicization. Research focuses on visualizations of social outsiders, for example in representations of patients in European psychiatry, homosexual culture and racism in Germany and Denmark (with accompanying documentary film).

International liaison

The scope of research includes national and international cultures, with particular focus on Scandinavia. Susanne Regener initiated the section Transnational Media Cultures in the Transnational and Migration Studies postgraduate programme carried out in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen.  


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