Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

On 1 August 1982, the municipal authorities of Marl decided to place on an institutional basis a new museum being built at the time: Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl. Transparency is the striking attribute of this museum of sculpture whose exhibits are on display round the clock: merely the glass walls of the museum separate the sculptures from the outside world. Moreover, the official museum venues extend to public spaces including the area surrounding the town hall, City Lake, the park belonging to the municipal Paracelsus-Klinik as well as the publicly accessible interiors of the clinic.


The collection shows the development of space-oriented art: alongside a high-quality selection of sculptures of classical modernity (beginning with Gauguin and Rodin, then moving forward to Archipenko, Laurens, Giacometti, Max Ernst, and other sculptors), the collection encompasses the widening spectrum of space-oriented sculptures, objects and installations (for example: Arp, Zadkine, Vostell, Boltanski, Serra) and virtual-space-oriented new-media works (Ingo Günther, Nam June Paik, Toni Oursler, and others.). The collection further includes sound and light works (Julius, Kubisch/Turrell, Morellet, and so forth) with their space-defining impact. Land Art is likewise a focus, with works by artists including Dennis Oppenheim, Richard Long and Herman Prigann.

Promotion of media art

The Marl Video Art Award, launched by the museum in 1984, was the first national competition aimed at media artists. It was augmented by the introduction of the Marl Video Installation Award in 1996, and by the German Award for Sound Art created jointly with radio broadcaster Kulturradio WDR 3 in 2002. These awards (known as the Marl awards for media art) meanwhile amount to an important component of the museum’s thematic endeavours.


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