SK Stiftung Kultur

The SK Stiftung Kultur was founded in 1976 by Sparkasse KölnBonn on the occasion of the bank’s 150-year jubilee celebrations. The organization today pursues its operative goals by offering to the general public and specialists an extensive programme relating to the subjects of photography, dance, the Kölsch (Cologne) dialect, and arts education and communication. A focus lies on the promotion of literature and reading skills as well as on communication and education in the areas of film and media art. The foundation further views its role as one of providing encouragement and support to the arts.

Promotion and communication of media art

In 2008, a project series for communicating media art to children and teenagers was launched. Entitled “Kopf einschalten und do it yourself”, the project aims to encourage media skills and creative potential. Since 2012 there are also intergenerational projects within the mediation of media art. Under the extended name “Kopf einschalten, do it yourself and do it together” the open workshops and projects at schools aim to encourage the dialogue between the generations. Youngsters and elderly people spend time together and work creatively with media. Outfitted with professional equipment and accompanied by experienced media artists, they learn from each other, gain insight in digital culture, explore media art and discover the perception of the other generation.

The foundation also displays its commitment to education in the area of film and media art by regularly showing film programmes reflecting interdisciplinary approaches with a challenging as well as entertaining mixture of shorts films, video art, commercials and music videos.

At the same time, efforts are dedicated to promoting the production of media art in order to heighten social awareness of the genre and enhance the applicable cultural-political structures. Examples are the initiative for a laboratory for media art production (“LABnrw”) which leaded to the foundation of “Die Kunstproduzenten. Agentur für Kunst und Medien” and the talk series “Collecting Video Art” which was hosted in cooperation with the Videonale and Olaf Stüber in 2013.


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