Lehmbruck Museum

The Lehmbruck Museum is characterised by a collection of international modern sculpture that is singular in Europe, the unique combination of outstanding museum architecture and a sculpture park as well as its sculpture in the cityscape.

In one of the outstanding museum buildings of the post-war period, the Lehmbruck Museum presents a unique collection of modern sculpture. Based on the work of Wilhelm Lehmbruck, primitivism and cubism, abstraction and expressionism, constructivism and minimalism meet here. In addition to around 100 sculptures, 40 paintings, 900 drawings and 200 prints from Lehmbruck’s estate, which was acquired permanently in 2008, the museum gathers works by Pablo Picasso, Ernst Barlach, Käthe Kollwitz, Constantin Brâncusi, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Joseph Beuys, Henry Moore, Niki de Saint Phalle and Richard Serra on around 5000 square metres. The museum also has Germany’s most important group of works by Alberto Giacometti and an exquisite collection of German paintings, from the turn of the century to the 1960s, from Brücke artists such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Max Pechstein and Otto Mueller to Emil Nolde, August Macke, Heinrich Campendonk and Ernst Wilhelm Nay to Alexej von Jawlensky, Oskar Kokoschka and Johannes Molzahn. This collection is regularly expanded by donations and permanent loans and the indispensable commitment of the Friends of the Museum.

The museum is surrounded by a 100-hectare Kant Park with more than 40 large sculptures by such important artists as Henry Moore, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Magdalena Abakanowicz and Meret Oppenheim. This connection between inside and outside, which continues through the museum’s sculpture courtyard, is an expression of the motto “Art is for everyone”, which characterizes the house in groundbreaking temporary exhibitions and events such as the “plastikBAR” on Thursday evening, but above all in its nationally acclaimed art education. For more than two decades, programmes have been developed here for groups, families and school classes as well as for people with special needs such as the hearing impaired, the visually impaired or people with dementia.

In its temporary exhibitions, the LehmbruckMuseum is committed on the one hand to its internationally renowned collection and its historically grown claim, and on the other to supporting local and regional artists. Stars such as Nam June Paik, Tony Cragg and Alberto Giacometti are juxtaposed with young artists in solo exhibitions. This mixture makes the house an extraordinary place of communication between man and art and enables a journey through the history of modern sculpture, from the greatest sculptors of the 20th century to the present day.


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