Kultur-Initiative Emscher-Lippe (K.I.E.L.)

The cultural initiative K.I.E.L was founded in 2003 by H. Peter Rose, a retired city councillor formerly in charge of Culture, Education, Youth and Social Affairs in Gelsenkirchen, and by Heinz H. Meyer, who was for many years project manager at the Adolf-Grimme-Institut in Marl. The initiative pursues the goal of making tangible the structural transformations undergone by the society and landscape of the Ruhr and of making these changes politically configurable as objects of art, culture and education. Viewing itself as an initiator and promoter of civil-society engagement, K.I.E.L. cooperates closely with initiatives, societies and associations in the Ruhr district, and likewise with communal institutions and bodies, providing assistance in developing projects and workshops.

Projects: accents in education and culture

The activities of K.I.E.L. aim to further the understanding and communication of ideas relating to art, culture and the future of the northern Ruhr, a region embedded between the Emscher and Lippe rivers. The projects of the initiative emphasize aspects of education and culture: the “Emscher-Lippe Forum for Economics and Culture” is staged in cooperation with the communal enterprise “WiN Emscher-Lippe – Gesellschaft für Strukturverbesserung mbH” in Herten. The course leading to the tour-guide qualification “Regioguide RUHR.2010 – Wissen für Führungen zum Strukturwandel” is implemented together with the further-education institution “Arbeit und Leben – DGB/VHS – Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft NRW”. In addition, K.I.E.L. curates the literary competition “Wasser.Werke” of the Regionale Initiative Fluss-Stadt-Land.


Grothofsweg 12 A
45894 Gelsenkirchen

H. Peter Rose, Heinz H. Meyer
Phone +49.(0)209.396025
Mobile +49.(0)175.2020722